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Top 10 Sanders

Top 10 Sanders
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Sanding, whether it’s intricate finishing work or removing larger hunks of material, is a core part of woodworking. It’s tedious but a necessary evil.

Today, we’ve got 10 of the very best sanders. Most are suitable for finishing projects while one is ideal for working with drywall and another tailor-made for detailing your car.

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Black & Decker KA161BC Mouse Detail Sander

If you’re looking for an all-purpose sander for a broad spread of applications, the BLACK + DECKER KA161BC is not the right tool for the job




The Tacklife PMS01A is a compact and lightweight unit capable of being used for extended periods thanks to its capable 1.1-amp, 130-watt motor




A potent little 1.2-amp motor that delivers a maximum speed of 14,000 OPM (oscillations per minute) serves up plenty of power for most regular sanding applications.



1 – BLACK + DECKER KA161BC Mouse Detail Sander

There can’t be too many woodworkers who claim to genuinely enjoy sanding but it’s an integral part of the process.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose sander for a broad spread of applications, the BLACK + DECKER KA161BC is not the right tool for the job. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a specialist piece of kit designed for paint and rust removal, polishing or any light detail sanding, this sander makes a smart choice. You can use it comfortably on a range of materials including wood, plastic, metal or glass.

Weighing in at just under 2 pounds, this neat little sander is perfect to use one-handed without feeling strained even if you’re working for lengthy spells. You’ll be able to happily wield it in one hand and the shape of the teardrop base means you can get into tight spots where other sanders struggle to reach.

Thinking about the base, it rotates so you can make full use of the whole sheet of sandpaper. Changing your sandpaper is a cakewalk thanks to the Velcro attachment system.

The neat little rocker switch allows for continual operation and lets you use both hands without being compromised. The rubber grip keeps things comfortable while the power cord stretches to almost 10 feet.

Mouse sanders usually allow you to change the tips depending on what kind of finishing work you’re doing and the BLACK + DECKER is no exception. You’ll get a free tip along with 2 foam pads, 10 assorted sanding sheets, a bag and a dust extraction adapter. At this price point, you really can’t ask for much more than that.


Innovative base resembling a tear drop helps boosts your control and maneuverability when sanding in tight corners

Work on a range of materials including wood, plastic, glass and metal making this a highly versatile finishing sander


Generates a fair amount of noise so think about where you’ll be working and whether or not this will be problematic


If you’re on the trail of a versatile and super-light finishing sander that’s a cinch to use even if you’ve never sanded before, think long and hard about the BLACK + DECKER KA161BC mouse detail sander.

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2 – Tacklife PMS01A Classic Mouse Detail Sander 1.1A 130W 12,000 RPM

Sanding is a tiresome but crucial stage of any woodworking project.

The Tacklife PMS01A is a compact and lightweight detail sander capable of being used for extended periods thanks to its capable 1.1-amp, 130-watt motor.

This unit is portable enough to sit easily in one hand, crucial with an orbital finishing sander. It’s designed to allow you access to awkward spots where bigger, beefier sanders would find it hard to operate.

Different applications call for different speeds for best results and the variable speed Tacklife allows you to fine-tune the pace of sanding up to a maximum of 12,000 OPM (orbits per minute).

You’ll get 12 pieces of sandpaper included meaning you can get cracking immediately without needing to head to the hardware store.

When it comes to changing sheets, there’s some user-friendly Velcro so you can get the job done in a trice and get straight back to your finishing work. You can detail a number of surfaces from wood and plastic through to metal and glass.

Dust and debris is an obvious bugbear when you’re sanding but Tacklife serves up a top-tier dust collection system. Harnessed to the sander with a buckle connection, the unit is in no danger of toppling off when you’re working. It’s also remarkably easy to detach, disassemble and clean.

One thing to watch out for is the power cord which, at just 6 ½ feet, is cut rather too close for comfort. In fairness, this is pretty much the only meaningful downside we could unearth with this nimble little finishing sander.


130-watt, 1.1-amp motor running on 120 volts gives you all the power you need for the most demanding finishing work

Adjustable speed dial with a maximum 12,000 OPM (orbits per minute) offering a great deal of flexibility


Power cord less than 7 feet long which can be restrictive


If you’re on the trail of a reliable and capable finishing sander and you don’t mind taking a punt on a brand that’s hardly a household name, the Tacklife PMS01A is well worth popping on your shortlist.

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3 – BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Sander

Sanding is an unavoidable part of any woodworking project and you can get sanders in a staggering array of shapes and sizes.

Not everyone wants or needs a hulking bench sander and in today’s BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 mouse detail sander review, we’ll focus on a much smaller finishing tool.

A potent little 1.2-amp motor that delivers a maximum speed of 14,000 OPM (oscillations per minute) serves up plenty of power for most regular sanding applications.

Whether you want to use the palm grip, handle grip or roll with the precision grip, you’ll get the very best finishing results every time while working in complete comfort. It’s also a very lightweight unit so you can work away happily without fatigue setting in prematurely.

The tear-shaped base means you’ll be able to work your way into cramped spots and corners and sand where a larger unit would be far too cumbersome to effectively operate.

The switch slides to give you the ability to keep the power dialed up. This is always a welcome feature and saves that familiar clawed finger feeling through excessive use of a trigger on larger projects.

There are a few minor drawbacks with this mouse detail sander…

Any kind of power tool being supplied without a case is inexcusable so be aware that you’ll get just get a sander in a box.

While the manufacturer raves about the quality of the dust collection system, a number of users have reported negative experiences so don’t always believe the hype.

If you plan to work with the finger attachment for lengthy periods, be sure to let the sander cool down periodically. There have been issues with overheating so take this into account.


1.2-amp motor gives ample grunt for rapid removal of material without overloading the sander

14,000 OPM lets you work quickly without compromising accuracy


Some issues with finger attachment overheating under heavy use so proceed with caution and take plenty of breaks


This mouse detail sander is one of many in a glutted marketplace but it’s well worth road testing if you want an all-purpose finishing sander for home use.

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4 – Ryobi R18PS-0 ONE+ 18V Corner Palm Sander

Different applications call for different sanders. For detailing and finishing work or paint removal, you’ll want something that’s lithe and compact while still packing a decent punch.

Cordless power tools offer maximum maneuverability but sometimes lack in power. This is not the case with the Ryobi. A potent 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery gives you a clear 2 hours of runtime. You’ll need to buy the charger separately.

Small and ultra-light at just over 2 pounds, this sander delivers in fine style. Oscillating at 22,000 OPM, the power translates to a double-win… Not only will you have sufficient grunt for most light and medium finishing jobs, the rapid undulation also shakes away dust and debris from the pad letting you work unencumbered by sawdust.

Thinking of the dust and mess kicked up when you’re sanding, there’s a dust port included. Connect the Ryobi to your preferred shop vac and keep things in the workshop safe and comfy.

The 1.8mm orbit action is designed so you can sand away material at a respectable rate without needing to apply too much pressure to achieve this.

Attaching sanding pads can be a grind with detail sanders. The hook-and-loop system in place means you can swap out your sandpaper without breaking your stride. You’ll get 10 pieces of sandpaper chucked in (4 x 120, 3 x 80 and 3 x 60 grit).

Unlike some competing detailing sanders, the Ryobi comes with a fixed base so you won’t enjoy the same flexibility.

The 3-year limited warranty also offers decent protection in the event of unexpected malfunction so you can buy without a headache.


Tailor-made for light and medium sanding, fine finishing and paint removal so highly versatile

Highly impressive 22,000 OPM (oscillations per minute) helps with rapid removal of material while also shaking dust from the pad


Bare tool only so no charger included which is a disappointment


Finishing work and paint removal calls for a different order of sander, something small and nimble. This stylish little triangular beauty will serve you well for all your fine finishing needs or paint removal while allowing you all the freedom of a cordless tool.

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5 – Tacklife Random Orbit Sander with 6 Variable Speeds (2.8A 350W / 13000 OPM)

Sanders come in many varieties so there’s no right or wrong answer to finding the best option. It’s better to think about hunting out the best sander for your particular needs. Luckily, we’re here to help…

Random orbit sanders operate with the sanding disk spinning and moving in small circles simultaneously. You’ll be able to engage in finish work while also using the sander for stock removal so the Tacklife serves efficient double-duty.

The 2.8-amp motor is more than powerful enough for shaving off material or applying a nice fine finish. Tweak the speed up to a maximum of 13,000 OPM depending on the application.

Using this sander is a real pleasure. The on/off paddle switch near the top comes into play through the natural pressure of your hand. If you want to lock it on, you can forge away without needing to continually press.

The 5-inch pad means you can get plenty of work done in a hurry. The scaled-down dimensions let you access hard-to-reach areas and, weighing just over 3 pounds, it’s light enough to hold for hours without causing any discomfort.

Although it does a great job at keeping the dust away, a few users have moaned about the vibration from the collection box that can even cause it to fall away when in operation.

The other slight annoyance is a power cord less than 7 feet long which can make things restrictive.

Overall, though, these are negligible downsides set against the shower of benefits you’ll get with this highly capable random orbit sander.


Rugged 2.8-amp, 350-watt motor gives you adequate oomph for rigorous finishing work or smaller stock removal projects

Harness 6 speeds to work the sander at up to 13,000 OPM (orbits per minute) allowing you to work with speed and precision


Some reported issues with the dust collection box vibrating and falling off


With a motor that punches above its weight, variable speed and an effective dust collection system, this sander is ideal for those small finishing jobs or light to medium stock removal.

The 30-day refund or replacement option should remove any lingering doubt from your mind. What have you got to lose?

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6. Black & Decker MS2000 4-in-1 SmartSelect Multi Sander

If you want one cost-effective tool to take care of a range of sanding applications, this nifty 4-in-1 BLACK+DECKER could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Although you’ll be restricted to working with wood, you’ll be able to tackle a broad spread of projects from furniture and doors to hard flooring. Whatever finishing work you have in mind, the MS2000 steps up to the mark in fine style.

You’ll get 4 sanders in a single 5-pound package. Why choose between a finish, detail, ¼ sheet or orbital sander when you can grab all of them together? If you find the idea of which would be the best fit confusing, BLACK+DECKER has your back…

The SmartSelect technology present on the MS2000 takes all the legwork out of things for you. Just punch in the application using the knob on the front. The sander then recommends the optimum base and it will fine-tune itself to the most suitable speed for the job.

The bases can be swapped out without needing to grab any tools. Sandpaper is equally easy to change using the simple hook-and-loop system.

The choice of grips at your disposal mean you can use this tool in multiple configurations depending on the project at hand. At 5 pounds, it does weigh a little more than some comparable sanders but you get heavyweight performance to make up for those extra pounds.

You’ll get a transparent dust collector thrown in. Although some users have moaned about this being less than effective, the filtered unit is more than fit for purpose.

A handy storage bag, assortment of sandpaper and the standard 2-year BLACK+DECKER warranty complete this great value package from an industry giant.


4-in-1 functionality: ¼ sheet, finish, detail and random orbit sander in one compact unit

Intelligent design: hit the SmartSelect button for automatic base recommendation and speed selection


Limited to use on wood unlike many other detail sanders fit for multiple surfaces


If you don’t want to choose between different detail sanders and you haven’t got the budget for a quartet of models, the BLACK+DECKER MS2000 is the ideal compromise. It’s user-friendly, comfy even on bigger jobs and offers a great deal of bang for your buck.

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7. Trademark Tools 75-50128 Mouse Sander Set

If you’re looking for a serious rival to the BLACK+DECKER mouse sander at an even lower price-point, the Trademark Tools Stalwart is a smart choice.

As with all mouse detail sanders, the neat little base shaped like a teardrop helps you to access tight spots where other sanders would struggle to reach.

The agile little motor is capable of oscillating the sander at an impressive 13,000 OPM. This should be more than enough for most finishing jobs at home. As the price reflects, this is absolutely not a sander for rigorous and prolonged work on the jobsite.

In common with many of these sanders, the user-friendly hook-and-loop system simplifies and speeds up changing your sandpaper. You’ll get an assortment of varied grit sandpaper included so you can get going directly out the box.

The comfy palm grip means you can work without blistering your hands and you’ll be rewarded with an excellent degree of control essential for intricate finishing jobs.

Although you get the benefit of the added power a corded tool brings, at 6 feet long, the cable doesn’t give you too much wiggle room. Nevertheless, it should be fine if you are working in smaller spaces.


13,000 OPM (oscillations per minute) for swift stock removal and a fine finish

Superb value for money without sacrificing quality or performance


No use for prolonged, heavy-duty work but ideal for the home hobbyist


For a budget-friendly detail sander that delivers more than adequate power along with a 28-piece accessory set thrown in, the Trademark Tools Stalwart merits a place on your shortlist.

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Next up is another solid and very well reviewed palm sander, the Genesis GPS080.

If you want to buff up some furniture or undertake a range of other finishing and detailing tasks in the home, the Genesis kicks out a top speed of 14,000 OPM allowing you to get the job done fuss-free.

The standard hook-and-loop system is in place for attaching your sandpaper. In principle this is a simple enough arrangement but loading in the paper can be a little fiddly so be patient and you’ll soon get to grips with it.

There’s no dust collector included but you can hook up the Genesis to your favorite shop vac with the adapter provided. The on/off switch is protected so you won’t end up with sawdust and shavings working their way inside your sander.

The crowning glory is a 2-year limited warranty, something you really wouldn’t expect with a sander in this price range.


Superb oscillation of 14,000 OPM meaning you’ll get your sanding done to a high standard in next to no time

Incredible value for money


Some users have reported that the sandpaper is particularly awkward to load


Genesis proves that you don’t need to take out a bank loan to get a top-notch palm sander. For less than the price of a fast food meal, you can enjoy a highly effective sander that would make a great addition to any workshop. Check one out today and you will not be disappointed.

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9. Neiko 10671A Electric Polisher Variable 6-Speed Buffer Truck Waxer Car Detail Sander

Detailing your car can be an expensive undertaking if you need to keep heading to a specialist shop.

In today’s Neiko 10671A electric polisher review, we’ll explore this versatile tool that offers you a great deal of bang for your buck. If you are on the trail of a pocket-friendly but powerful tool that is perfect for occasional use, the Neiko might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Although inexpensive, the 10671A packs quite a punch. The motor generates more than enough power and the 6 variable speeds give you a great amount of flexibility. Adjust the pace from 1000RPM right up to 3000RPM and get the best results for any given application fuss-free.

If you plan to work for a long, unbroken spell, the trigger lock comes to your rescue. Simply activate it and focus on the polishing at hand without worrying about fatigue setting in.

You’ll be able to use a range of polishing discs with the Neiko. A 7-inch backing pad is included and the easily manageable Velcro system makes switching the discs out an absolute breeze.

Using some power tools can be awkward if you’re left-handed. There’s no such worry with this polisher. If you’re a southpaw, simply move the side handle to the opposite side and enjoy full control without compromising yourself. The soft grip is nicely cushioned, too.

Surprisingly for a cheap polisher, build quality is impressive. Made from die-cast aluminum, this durability doesn’t come at the expense of needless weight, though.


1300-watt motor kicks out more than enough power for even demanding polishing work

6 variable speeds from 1000RPM to 3000RPM


Not cut out for prolonged or regular use but the price reflects that


Not everyone wants to continually take their car to the detail shop. Equally, spending a fortune on a home polisher is not an option for many. The Neiko 10671A is the perfect happy medium offering excellent performance and durability at a really keen price point.

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10. WEN 6369 Variable Speed 5 Amp Drywall Sander with 15 Inch Hose

Sanders come in many shapes and sizes to help you with all manner of finishing tasks in the workshop and outside in the yard.

There are plenty of multi-purpose tools out there but in today’s WEN 63609 variable speed drywall sander review, we’ll walk you through a far more specialist piece of kit.

If you’re working with drywall, knocking down partitions or removing popcorn ceilings, a decent drywall sander is indispensable. This is also extremely messy, dusty work so this awesome variable speed sander from WEN is equipped with an integrated hose to suck away all the debris kicked up as you toil away.

When you’re engaged in this kind of project, especially ceiling work, you need a sander with sufficient reach. The 5-foot telescoping pole, 15 feet of hose and 15 foot power cable mean you can get anywhere with ease.

The overall size and weight makes it better suited to large, exposed areas than smaller confined spaces.

The variable speed 5-amper on the WEN is mounted on the head to promote first class torque. The only downside of this is a slight top-heaviness. You can tweak speeds from 600RPM up through 1500RPM.

There are a half-dozen 9-inch sander discs thrown in. These affix using a hook-and-loop system which is pretty user-friendly but prone to a few snags with the paper peeling away at times.

The solid 2-year WEN warranty means you can pick up this sander knowing you won’t be cut adrift if anything goes amiss.


Powerful 5-amp motor housed in the head delivers superb torque to make your sanding easier however challenging the task

Tweak the speed from 600RPM through to 1500RPM for maximum flexibility and superior results


Not ideal for working in confined spaces due to size and weight


Working with drywall can be tough so why make it harder on yourself with a sub-par sander?

The WEN 6369 is an exceptionally capable sander at a pretty competitive price so pop one on your shortlist today and get down to some drywall action tomorrow!

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Where the Neiko car polisher and buffer delivers in fine style, this multi-purpose polisher from Snauzer should be avoided.

Sometimes, you can pick up a bargain by taking a chance with a lesser-known brand. On this occasion, you’ll be spending out on an underpowered sander with questionable build quality so think twice before potentially wasting your money!

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